Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011


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New Blog!!!!

Hey Everyone - I have changed my blog address since I could never figure out how to just change the sign-in e-mail address.  :)

The new blog address is:

Come and check us out to see what we're up to!


11 months

Little Miss Sadie is now 11 months old and tomorrow Zachary will be 1 month away from his 3rd birthday.  Their birthdays are approaching so quickly and I can't believe that we're about to have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old. 

The "terrible 2's" have not been terrible at all.  I have thoroughly enjoyed  getting to see Zachary's personality develop and his verbal skills are AMAZING to me!  So much has changed in a year and it's so hard to believe the development that he has made.  Do we have our bad days with him, of course, but we have bad days too and we can't expect him to be perfect and not have any bad days.  Overall, he has been great and such a joy to me.  I LOVE staying home with him and wouldn't have it any other way at all.

Sadie's personality has really been blooming the last few months into such a sweet little angel.  She's still nursing and doing great.  I have no doubt in my mind that we'll be able to make it to my goal of 15 months.  She hasn't bit in a good month, but she's never bit out of vengenance only on accident.  Her and Zachary play pretty well together unless they're tired......HA!

Overall, the last month has gone well and we're adjusting to our new normal with Les' mom living with us for the last 5-6 wks or so.  Les and I celebrated Valentine's last night and we had such a great time w/o the kids or mom with us.  We went and saw Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and then ate dinner at Rockfish.  Let me tell you, their seafood is so good!  I recommend the crab stuffed flounder or the crab cakes........DELISH!  Les had the grilled Tilapia and it was very good too, I snuck a bite off his plate.  :)

Today I made whoopie pies and they were so easy and yummy too.  They were a HUGE hit after dinner tonight by everyone.

I want to end with a HUGE praise and give Jesus all the glory.  My mom had an appt this week to measure one of her cancer spots near her clavicle.  Praise Jesus it hasn't grown at all; while it hasn't shrunk either, we can't focus on that.  We don't know the plan, but HE does.  We're placing our whole trust in Him.  Whether she is healed on Earth or in Heaven; we trust His ultimate plan will be done.  Jesus, thank you for giving us the hope of knowing we'll see our loved ones who are believers that go before us again someday.  Through YOUR blood, we are saved.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Holy Moly, over a whole month has gone by........WOWZERS!!!!!!!!

Well, I can understand why b/c it has been BUSY over in the Cornelius household.  It started with an appt to the GI doc for my MIL and ended with her moving in with us.  Overall, it has been great so far and we're just working through all the kinks and adjustements of going from just us, to having grandma here too.  It has been, I think, 4 wks on Tues, so it has been busy.  As we adjust to the "new" normal; continue to pray for us with this big adjustment.  :)

The kids' b'days are coming up way too fast for me too!  Sadie will be 11 months old on February 4th.  March is the BIG month for the kiddos and their b'days.  I decided that this year; we're celebrating their b'days together b/c I know when they're older; I won't have that option.  So, I have started "planning" their b'day party, but when I say planning, I know the themes, I think.......HA!

My mom is doing really well and the cancer is shrinking in one spot and they're keeping an eye on the other spot under her left clavicle.  Thank you for the prayers for her too!!!! 

I promise to write more, but our wireless was out for about 4 wks and that totally stunk, but it's fixed now thanks for Les' brother.  :):)  So, now I have the freedom to write a blog in our room.  YAY!

So, I hope you have a great week - I'm leaving in the morning with the kids and going to go and visit my bestie, Christy and her family in East TX.  I'm so pumped b/c she moved back at the end of 2010 and I am finally able to go out there and see their new digs.  :)  Plus, we just had her baby shower for Mr. Tyson on Saturday, so that was a load of fun!!!!  I can't wait to meet him and it won't be but another 4 wks or so.  Love you little buddy!!!!!!

Zachary - November 2011

Sadie - 10 months old here 

Our Christmas picture at church - December 2011


Growing Up

Our babies are growing up just too fast for me!  Today, Sadie took a few steps while holding onto the couch.  She seemed so proud that she had stood up and tried the walking thing.  Of course, about that time, she was getting close to Zachary's car & he kind of pushed her.  Well, it was enough to knock her over, so over she went and the tears started.  I helped her stand back up and she seemed better pretty quickly. 

Zachary is 2 yrs and 9 months old.  He talks like crazy, loves cars, trains, trucks....pretty much anything that moves!  LOL

Sadie is 9 1/2 months old.  She is crawling and starting to crawl more on her knees.  Mainly sticks to her army crawl and she is good at it too!  :)  She is eating good & would rather feed herself. 

We're doing good and just enjoying the holiday season.  Thanksgiving was good and we enjoyed having the Cornelius' over.  Then we had Christmas yesterday with the Cornelius'.  Then on Monday, we'll have Christmas with the extended Johnson's.  I'm not really sure when we'll have Christmas with my immediate family.  However, we will probably have Christmas with just our little family of 4 on Christmas morning, but we'll see.  It falls weird b/c Christmas is on a Sunday this year.

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and remember, Jesus' birth is the Reason for the Season!!!!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Days 22 - 24!

Day 22: I am thankful for the missionaries who are overseas spreading the Good News!

Day 23: I am thankful for the military and how they are serving us by being over there keeping our freedom.

Day 24: I am thankful for our country and the all the freedoms that we have.  We have the freedom to worship together at church, read our Bibles, pray, etc.  I pray that our country turns around b/c all those freedoms will start diminishing if not.

I hope that you have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 

We're actually going to be celebrating with our families this weekend.  Today we're celebrating my b'day with my parents by having homemade lasagna!!!


Absent for awhile....yes, I know!

I want you all to know that even though I haven't been able to blog what I am thankful for; I have been writing them down.  We were out of town from the 7th - 17th.  We were camping at Caddo Lake State Park.  We had a great time, but as you probably know; not many people knew we were going to be gone AND for such a long time.  Les was out deer hunting and actually shot 3 while we were gone.  So, for him this year; he has 4 deer.  He's allowed 1 more for the state of TX, but we'll see if he's able to get another one. 

Here are the things that I am thankful for:
Day 7: Rain - whew, this is much needed for Texas.  We had just set the pop-up up at the park and within 10 min; it was POURING!!

Day 8: Heat - there was a cold front that came through and it was just flat out cold, but thanks to heaters; we were able to stay cozy and warm.

Day 9: Shelter - we have been sheltered through the rain/cold.  I would say that this also goes for our house when we're home. 

Day 10: Burp Clothes - Sadie LOVES to hold them when she's going to sleep.  It's crazy; I can be rocking her without it, but the minute she has one in her hands; she's sound asleep!

Day 11: Internet - we were basically without any type of service (phone/internet).  So, when we actually had service for a moment; then it was nice.  HOWEVER, it was also nice to not have any of those things and just focus on each other.

Day 12: Owls - we went on a Owl Prowl with one of the park rangers.  This was very informative and enjoyable for us.  Now Sadie didn't really know or care what was going on, but Les, Zachary and I enjoyed it.  They are such beautiful animals!  On our Owl Prowl, we did get to hear an owl "talk" back to the tape that the ranger had. 

Day 13: Nature - Zachary and I were on a hike one morning and while we were walking; the leaves were falling all around us.  It was such a beautiful sight.  I was thanking God for all that He has created!

Day 14: Laundry Mats - this one is crazy b/c we take for granted our machines at home, but when you don't have them; they're such a blessing!  I only packed for 5 - 6 days and knew that if we stayed longer; then we would need to do laundry.  This particular day; I took a break and went and washed our clothes. 

Day 15: McDonalds and their $1 Sweet Tea - oh man, this was the best glass of sweet tea b/c I had been drinking water and some kool-aid.  YUMMO!

Day 16: Nice Neighbors - this particular day I was thinking of our neighbors at the state park.  The couple that was staying next to us were so sweet and friendly.  One of things is that they let us borrow their internet card thingy to check the weather that was about to change (storms coming in) and another thing was bringing us homemade peanut butter cookies..........can I just tell you how good they were?!?!  I ate several immediately.............HAHAHA  When the kids and I went to tell them goodbye; Margo had made me a red, white, and blue hotpad holder.  That was so sweet & I was so thankful for that.  In fact, it's on my counter right now!

Day 17: Knowledge - the kids and I had taken a walk down another trail.  Well, while we were walking, I came across a smell that I identified as butterscotch.  I went to the rangers office and explained to them the smell.  After researching, the ranger decided that it was a Ponderosa Pine.  It was so cool learning something, both me and them!

Day 18: My own bed - it was wonderful to be sleeping with just Les.  Zachary slept with us the whole time we were gone b/c we had Sadie on the other end by herself.  He is a snuggler, so it was nice to be able to stretch out on my side of the bed....HA!

Day 19: Homemade goodies - I have already begun a few yummies for family/friends.  I made a treat today and can't wait to share it!

Day 20: ME!  I was actually born on this day; it was my 32nd birthday.  :)

Day 21: God's Healing Hand - as I was thinking about today's blessing; I was quickly reminded that this time last year, I was at the doctor with my mom.  She was very sick and had to be hospitalized (she was on chemo).  I was thanking God for healing my mom and giving me (all of us) more time with her.  I don't know if He has healed her permanently or just temporary, but I am still thankful for this extra time.  Thank you, Lord for being the Great Physician.  I love you, Lord!

There you have it, folks, I am all caught up on my days now!!!!!!!!!!

What are you thankful for?????